Ecwid vs Shopify 2024: Ultimate Comparison

Hey, Bhoni here, and today we’ll talk about Ecwid vs Shopify. 

Ecwid and Shopify are two popular platforms for online shopping and selling products easily. Both systems let customers build online stores, add commodities to them, and continuously monitor inventory without any prior programming experience. 

Many sellers find it hard to decide between these two eCommerce platforms as everyone wants the best one. So, in order to help you choose the perfect tool for your online business, we’ll guide you through the key features, advantages, and price plans of both Shopify as well as Ecwid in this article.

Overview of Ecwid and Shopify 


With the help of the eCommerce plugin, Ecwid, you may incorporate e-commerce features into a site. It is a well-known and prosperous platform that has brought in more than $5 billion in income from merchants since its inception in 2009.


You can construct your own first online marketplace using the eCommerce website, Shopify. A sum of $200 billion worth of goods has been sold via Shopify since 2006, making it a favorite among online retailers and their clients.

The key distinction between Ecwid vs Shopify is that Shopify concentrates on assisting you in building an independent online store from start, while Ecwid is exclusively made for integrating the online business into an existing site.

Ecwid vs Shopify: Key Features

Your needs as a customer and the stage your firm is in will determine which platform is appropriate for your online business. Here are a few features that can aid in your analysis of the ideal eCommerce platform for your company.

Ecwid Key Features 

One can avail of the following features on Ecwid: 

  • Add additional sales networks: From your Ecwid Control Unit, connect your business to sell on well-known platforms such as Google Retail, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Amazon, Etsy, and more.
  • Quick loading speed: Ecwid has an extremely quick response time thanks to its strong and efficient hardware, which enables websites built with Ecwid to display in just a few seconds.
  • Marketing automation: With automatic marketing solutions like dropped cart notifications, Facebook and Youtube ads, and others that handle the tedious job for you, you may increase your customer base.
  • Expand your reach using language detection: Shoppers may shop your store more easily in their native language thanks to Ecwid’s website, which is available in 45 diverse languages.

Shopify Key Features 

One can avail of the following features on Shopify: 

  • Shopify’s native app store: Customers can select from hundreds of programs in Shopify’s native app store to add fresh services to their online store. In the app store, you can find plug-and-play programs that can be used to customize websites, enhance search engine rankings, and more.
  • Variety of analytics tools: Shopify offers users a variety of analytics tools so they may evaluate the effectiveness of their online stores. To help small businesses optimize their processes as well as make more knowledgeable strategic changes for growing sales, Shopify Analytics produces insightful data on Customer Activities, Advertising, Revenues, as well as other topics.
  • Quick loading speed: Since Shopify is a digital platform, consumers may benefit from the top-notch infrastructure that Shopify maintains. Shopify has an extremely quick response time thanks to its strong and efficient hardware, which enables websites built with Shopify to display in just a few seconds.
  • Point of Sale: Point of Sale, a service provided by Shopify, enables businesses to sell their goods in physical stores. For instance, businesses can set up actual pop-up shops where they can sell their goods offline and take payments from customers using a credit card machine. The purchases are immediately connected to the company’s Shopify stock, which also keeps track of each sale.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The success of any digital company depends on search engine optimization (SEO), which raises a site’s search engine rating. Effective Search techniques assist companies in expanding their internet presence by connecting with a larger number of people, which boosts sales. Users of Shopify can employ a variety of SEO tools to accomplish their intended objectives. 

Ecwid vs Shopify: Comparison of Pricing Plans

Ecwid offers a completely free plan while Shopify offers a free trial but for a limited period of time. You can have a look at the different pricing plans of both platforms and take your decision wisely. 

Ecwid Pricing Plans 

Ecwid Pricing Plans 

The different charging tiers offered by Shopify are as follows: 

  • Free Plan– The free plan costs $0 per month and you can use it to sell up to 10 items for free. 
  • Venture Plan– It costs $19 per month and allows you to sell up to 100 items.
  • Business Plan–  This plan costs $39 a month, allowing you to sell 2,500 items. 
  • Unlimited Plan– The Unlimited plan costs $99 a month, allowing you to sell an endless supply of goods.

Shopify Pricing Plans 

Shopify Pricing

The different charging tiers offered by Shopify are as follows: 

  • Shopify Basic plan: (costs $29 per month) The Shopify Basic package is the best option for new users. With this plan, there are no limitations on how much merchandise you can add or how much you can distribute.
  • Shopify Regular plan: (costs $79 per month) Everything you get with Basic is included in the Shopify basic package, including performance evaluations and endorsements for gift card purchases. The option for recovering abandoned carts is also available to you. 
  •  Shopify Advanced plan: (costs $299 a month)  Companies who sell in significant quantities both in-person and online and require more advanced solutions may consider the Shopify Advanced package. This plan is designed for high traffic because it has limitless storage space, up to Fifteen employee profiles, and third-party expected delivery prices. 

Ecwid vs Shopify: Potential advantages and disadvantages

Like every platform, Ecwid and Shopify have advantages and disadvantages. Some of the benefits and drawbacks of these two services are described below, which one should consider before selecting a particular plan.

Pros & Cons of Ecwid

The main advantages of choosing Ecwid are: 

  • Ecwid has an extremely quick response time thanks to its strong hardware. 
  • Ecwid’s Point of Sale, a service, allows businesses to sell their goods in physical stores too.

The main disadvantage of choosing Ecwid is: 

  • It is a little pricey for beginners 

Pros & Cons of Shopify 

The main advantages of choosing Shopify are

  • Shopify’s user-friendliness is one of its strongest points.
  • Shopify offers a support staff that is available around the clock to assist you.

The main disadvantages of choosing Shopify are: 

  • Users frequently switch from one provider to another provider. A lot of users claim that making such a change would make migration more challenging in a number of ways with Shopify.

Ecwid vs Shopify: Which One To Choose?

It is true that both the platforms, Ecwid and Shopify, are quite unique and liked by customers all around the world. Shopify offers a helpline, online chat, and email for your convenience. There are four helplines, each of which is assigned to a distinct geographic area.

Your chances of keeping more customers are increased when your online store looks appealing and our average success rate rises the more visitors you get.

Shopify knows how important themes are and has given you a tonne of options. There are a few specifically designed for certain company types. 

On the other hand, Ecwid works well for people who have an existing site and wish to add additional entrepreneurial spice to it.

You may effortlessly establish an online store thanks to its simple interface and free plan. Ecwid includes the most basic features to boost your online sales, making it ideal for small-scale retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people utilize Ecwid and Shopify for free?

Yes. With Ecwid, a completely free subscription is offered. For Shopify, a trial is provided.

Which platform—Shopify or Ecwid—is preferable for Search engine optimization?

Shopify has better SEO than Ecwid in general.  

How long is the trial version on Shopify?

The Shopify free trial is only good for 3 days, but you can extend it to ninety days with their special deal, which lets you use all the benefits of the basic package for the initial three months for just $1 a month.

Does Shopify provide a discount for students?

Shopify does not provide a special student offer. But students can also take advantage of the above-mentioned discounted price. Additionally, they can benefit from Shopify’s three-month promotion.

Final Remarks: Which One Is Right For You?

The eCommerce platforms Ecwid and Shopify, both are quite unique platforms for online sellers to choose from. Overall, Shopify is the greatest e-commerce platform on the marketplace, but Ecwid is ideal for anyone who just wants to spruce up an existing website with some retail flare. 

Also, We hope you now understand that selecting the appropriate platform doesn’t just come down to a simple answer for a particular platform. You can compare the features and pricing plans of both applications and see what matters most to you and your company. 

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