Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024 🤔 Is It Worth It?

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Jungle Scout is an Amazon marketing tool that aids in employing business strategies that have the highest profit potential. You are no longer required to physically monitor market trends and sales patterns.

It is an incredibly helpful FBA tool for you to expand your online store and aids in the creation of your personal brand.

Jungle Scout also has the advantage of being extraordinarily user-friendly and simple to use while being incredibly helpful for your enterprise resource planning, making it quick and simple to sign up and commence building your product line.

But does a free version exist for Jungle Scout? Novice Amazon sellers frequently ask this query. This article would surely help you in determining the answer by offering you a workable solution regarding a free trial.  

Does Jungle Scout offer A Free version?

Jungle Scout used to give users a 7-day free trial but lately eliminated it owing to high market consumption. 

Does Jungle Scout offer A Free version

A sophisticated tool for conducting in-depth marketing research, Jungle Scout has a tonne of capabilities and fortunately, Jungle Scout provides new clients with a 1-week Money Back Guarantee on regular programs.

Any Jungle Scout basic or deluxe plan can be purchased and used for seven days. Within seven days of your purchase, you have the option to cancel your subscription if you decide that the Jungle Scout operations aren’t the best fit for your Amazon business.

As a result, customers can still choose the money-back assurance even without a free version. Additionally, customers can receive a complete refund without any conditions. 

How To Enroll In The Jungle Scout Free Trial?

You must sign up for Jungle Scout in order to benefit from the 7-day money-back guarantee. To get your free version via the money-back warranty method, just follow the steps given.

Step 1: is to go to the Jungle Scout subscription page and look through the available plans.

How To Enroll In The Jungle Scout Free Trial step1

Step 2: Select your favorite Jungle Scout package and click the Purchase Now option.

How To Enroll In The Jungle Scout Free Trial step2

Step 3: After that, sign up for an account with your username and password by clicking Next.

Step 4: On the following screen, enter your credit card information and complete the billing address fields with your name, home country, and postal address. Click the Build Your Account button once all the information has been entered.

You can begin using Jungle Scout features as soon as your payment is accepted and keep utilizing the membership as well as upgrade the plan whenever you’d like.

You can also contact support@junglescout.com 7 days after your purchase and ask to cancel your membership if Jungle Scout isn’t assisting your company or you don’t notice any results. You will get a complete refund in two or three business days.

Why Opt For Jungle Scout? 

Jungle Scout is a tool that is highly recommended for anyone starting an FBA business. It is the leading tool for Amazon sellers, with an accuracy rate of 84.3%.

Jungle Scout’s margin for error is lower than other Amazon seller tools, making it the most reliable source for data-driven decision-making.

Jungle Scout provides a full suite of tools to help run an FBA business, including product research, sales analysis, and listing optimization.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started, and the wide range of features ensures that one has everything needed to succeed. 

When one usually starts out, one knows nothing about selling on Amazon. But Jungle Scout’s easy-to-use interface and comprehensive training resources in Jungle Scout Academy quickly can catch up to speed.

Now business can grow month over month, and Jungle Scout acts as a big part of the success. If one is thinking about starting an FBA business, definitely check out Jungle Scout. It’s the best tool out there for getting started on the right foot. 

Jungle Scout Key Features

Here are some of the most amazing features of Jungle Scout:

1. Alerts:

Jungle Scout Alerts

The alerts feature on Jungle Scout gives one a notification whenever there are any changes in the information of the critical products of Amazon.

This is a great way to keep track of one’s product listings and make sure that they are up-to-date. one can also use the alerts to monitor your competition and see how their products are selling.

2. Category Trends:

Jungle Scout is a powerful tool that allows one to spy on one’s competition, see what products are selling well in any given category, and get insights into historical trends.

With Jungle Scout, one can easily find the top 100 products in any category or subcategory. This is a valuable tool for understanding what products are selling well and which ones may be struggling.

3. Opportunity Finder:

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder: Jungle Scout Free Trial

Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder tool can help one quickly find profitable niches for any given keyword. Just enter a keyword into the tool and it will return a complete market segmentation, including estimated sales volume, average price point, and more.

With Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder, one can be confident that one is targeting a profitable niche with one’s next product launch.

4. Product Database:

Jungle Scout’s powerful product database tool can help one uncover the potential of products and generate ideas for one’s business.

The Product Database contains data on over 475 million products, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to start or grow an Amazon business.

With Jungle Scout, one can easily search for products, calculate fees, and find out how much potential each product has. 

5. Product Tracker:

Jungle Scout Product Tracker: Jungle Scout Free Trial

If you’re selling products on Amazon, it’s important to stay on top of your sales figures and observe key metrics so you can adjust your strategy as needed.

The Jungle Scout Product Tracker tool makes it easy to track the progress of a group of products, so one can see how they’re performing in real-time and make decisions accordingly. 

One can also use the tool to create one’s future strategy for selling on Amazon. It’s easy to organize products using the tracker, and one can observe key metrics like price changes, review count, and sales rank over time. 

6. Keyword Scout:

Jungle Scout is a powerful Amazon keyword research tool that can help one scrape the keywords that shoppers are searching for on the Amazon website.

With Jungle Scout, one can get accurate data about the number of searches for a particular keyword, as well as the average ranking of that keyword.

7. Rank Tracker:

Jungle Scout Rank Tracker

The rank tracker tool is easy to use and gives a lot of valuable data. One can track the progress of one’s keywords over time and see how they are performing compared to other competitors.

This data can help one adjust one keyword strategy to improve one’s results.

8. Listing Builder:

Listing builder tool that helps one identify the best keywords to use in one’s listing title and description.

By using the right keywords, one can improve one’s listing’s ranking on Amazon search results and drive more traffic to one product page. With these tools, one can fine-tune one’s listing and make sure it is performing at its best.

9. Review Automation:

Jungle Scout Review Automation

If one is looking to increase one’s reviews and improve one’s rank on Amazon, the review automation feature is a great way to do it.

With this feature, one can request for review whenever a user buys one product. It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes to set up, and it can make a big difference in the number of reviews one gets. 

10. Sales Analytics:

If you’re an Amazon seller, then you might know how important it is to keep track of your sales. It allows one to see all of one’s sales data in one place, so one can track one’s progress and make sure one is on the right track.

The best part about the Sales Analytics feature is that it’s always up-to-date. So even if one is not regularly checking in on one sale, one can be confident that the data is accurate. 

11. Inventory Manager:

Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

An inventory manager is a software tool that helps one predict how much stock one will need and when one should place an order for more. This is important because if one runs out of stock, one could miss out on sales.

Jungle Scout pricing explained 

Standard plans 

The standard plan for Jungle Scout comes with three tiers for professional Amazon merchants and beginners.

Jungle Scout pricing: Jungle Scout Free Trial

Basic plan: Jungle Scout basic plan is the most affordable plan, with a monthly price of $49 or a yearly price of $29 this means one can easily save up to 55% if you’re going for an annual plan. 

This plan provides access to a single-user license and all of Jungle Scout’s browser extensions. If one is just getting started with Jungle Scout, the Basic plan is a great option.

Suite Plan: The Suite plan is the most comprehensive plan, offering all the features of the Basic plan plus review automation, advanced seller features, in-depth historical data of products, the ability to add more users, and more. The monthly cost of the Suite plan is $69/month, but if one signs up for a year upfront, you’ll only pay $49/month – that’s a savings of $240 over the course of a year!

Professional Plan: The Jungle Scout Professional plan gives one access to a wealth of features that can help one to find and track products, manage listings, and more. The monthly version of the plan costs $129/per month, but if one signs up for the yearly plan, he/she would only pay $84/per month.

Start-up Suite Package: This package costs $189 for Three Months and gives access to academy seller training programs with Weekly Q&A sessions. It comes with a seven-day money-back promise. 

Jungle Scout packages 

The Jungle Scout package options are a collection of conventional plans, but they also come with special training as well as individualized consultations with FBA professionals. Sellers who wish to promote and sell items as quickly as feasible should use these package options. It includes three packs as well.

Entrepreneur Suite: The package costs $349 for six months and comes with all the features provided in the Suite plan and provides access to seller boot camps at the academy along with regular Q&A sessions. A seven-day money-back guarantee is included in the package. 

Freedom Builder Bootcamp: It costs $999 for a whole year and consists of all of the included items in the Entrepreneur Suite package. Live tutoring and private consultations are provided in the package with one year of access to the Jungle Scout Professional plan. This package comes with a fourteen-day money-back promise. 

Jungle Scout Pros & Cons:


When we think about the tool, there are certain advantages. Here are a few of them:-

  • Client support: One thing you must know is how long it will take to resolve your complaints if you use an application. With the greatest precision and assistance, Jungle Scout is available to you seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.
  • Easily navigable: The app that Jungle Scout uses is one of those that won’t set your brain on fire as you learn how to use it. Because of this, it is incredibly user-friendly and requires little training to use. It is incredibly useful and time-saving in the area of product research.
  • Dependability: Due to its 14-day trial period, easy navigation, and very accurate data, Jungle Scout is quite dependable.


  • Expensive: Some people think the plans for web applications and chrome extensions are a little expensive. You can, however, always choose a yearly plan that fits your budget nicely.
  • Easy to understand: It can be difficult to understand Chrome Extension and other Web applications, but with the tutorial, everything can be made simple to understand.
  • Execution: PPC performance and even the restoration of the search history are not included in Jungle Scout.

Frequently Asked Questions On Jungle Scout Free Trial

Does Jungle Scout offer any free trial?

If one is looking for a free trial of Jungle Scout, one’s out of luck. The company doesn’t offer one. However, they do have a generous refund policy that allows one to test the tool risk-free. If one is not happy with it, one can get one’s money back within 60 days. So if one really wants to try Jungle Scout, the refund offer is the best bet.

How long are historical data retained?

Data on rankings is retained for a year. Data used to track sales is retained for one month.

How frequently are new rankings released?

Once a day, keyword ranks are updated. Every day, the Best Sellers Ranks are updated.

What is the refund policy of Jungle Scout? 

Yes, Jungle Scout offers a refund. If one is not satisfied with Jungle Scout then just mail them regarding a refund and they’ll give one’s money back, no questions asked. This risk-free refund is valid for 7 days; after one purchase of the product.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024

So, it must have been clear to you by now that Jungle Scout is one of those high-end seller solutions that guarantee success by giving FBA sellers excellent services.

It’s unfortunate that they don’t provide a free trial, which is a letdown but they do provide access to cutting-edge tools and a tonne of strong features. 

You are free to test out any of their programs using their money-back guarantee. You can use it to determine whether or not Jungle Scout is the right system for your Amazon Affiliate business and you may easily test out any Jungle Scout package using the 7-day money-back warranties if you read the article. 

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