Shopify Discount Code 2024 Special 3-month discount of 97% 

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Shopify is an eCommerce platform that helps to establish an online storefront. You can use a point of sale (POS) app to sell physically or online using your own website.

Everyone can utilize Shopify with ease, from novice distributors to high-level Direct – to – consumer (DTC) enterprises.

To try Shopify out for yourself, you may join up for a free trial. You may create your own store, try out complimentary Shopify applications, and generate revenue throughout your trial with enough marketing effort. 

We have provided two active discount codes for Shopify plans in this post. A detailed explanation of how to use the Shopify discount coupon is also provided which will help you to navigate through this great platform. 

How To Claim Shopify Discount Code (Working Method)

One can get a 97% discount for the first three months and a discount of 50% if an individual chooses the yearly plan. For claiming the discounts one needs to create an account beforehand. Three steps for the same are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the Shopify official site and choose “Start Free Trial.”

How To Claim Shopify Discount code free trial step1

Step 2: The next step is to choose the area or nation wherever you want to market your goods. Next, select the Next option.

How To Claim Shopify Discount Coupon step2

Step 3: The Third step is opening a profile. You have four alternatives for registering with Shopify: Google, Apple, Facebook, and Electronic mail. To create a profile, you can select one of the suggested choices.

Step 4: You will be routed to your Shopify business after registering for an account. Now, in the bottom right side of your shop, there is a menu item labeled “Select a Plan.” Just press it.

Step 5: Choose a package that works for your online marketplace. (Monthly plan or yearly plan)

How To Claim Shopify Discount Coupon step5

Step 6: Add your payment information in the following area. Additionally, you may see the discounted price here for the selected package.

Bravo! Your desired plan’s free trial has been enabled. After submitting your credit card information, Shopify won’t start charging you right away. Once your 2-week trial version is over, the discounted amount will be automatically subtracted.

Shopify working Discount Codes on various plans

Normally, Shopify doesn’t give many coupons, however right now, two reductions are available to their customers.

Special 3-month discount of 97% 

For the initial 3 months, Shopify is providing a huge 97% bargain on all of its monthly rates as part of a limited-time deal. Newbies can benefit from this reduction and choose their preferred package to save cash.

50 percent off on yearly plans

You might just save up to 50% on Shopify’s annual plans by using this promo code. So, those who plan to trade in Shopify long-term can benefit from this deal.

Shopify Key Features Explained

 One can avail of the following features on Shopify:

  • Point of Sale: Point of Sale, a service provided by Shopify, enables businesses to sell their goods in physical stores. For instance, businesses can set up actual pop-up shops where they can sell their goods offline and take payments from customers using a credit card machine. The purchases are immediately connected to the company’s Shopify stock, which also keeps track of each sale.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The success of any digital company depends on search engine optimization (SEO), which raises a site’s search engine rating. Effective Search techniques assist companies in expanding their internet presence by connecting with a larger number of people, which boosts sales. Users of Shopify can employ a variety of SEO tools to accomplish their intended objectives.
  • Variety of analytics tools: Shopify offers users a variety of analytics tools so they may evaluate the effectiveness of their online stores. To help small businesses optimize their processes as well as make more knowledgeable strategic changes for growing sales, Shopify Analytics produces insightful data on Customer Activities, Advertising, Revenues, as well as other topics.
  • Quick loading speed: Since Shopify is a digital platform, consumers may benefit from the top-notch infrastructure that Shopify maintains. Shopify has an extremely quick response time thanks to its strong and efficient hardware, which enables websites built with Shopify to display in just a few seconds.
  • Shopify’s native app store: Customers can select from hundreds of programs in Shopify’s native app store to add fresh services to their online store. In the app store, you can find plug-and-play programs that can be used to customize websites, enhance search engine rankings, and more.

Shopify Pricing Explained 

The different charging tiers offered by Shopify are as follows:

Shopify Pricing: Shopify Discount code

Shopify Basic plan (costs $29 per month)

The Shopify Basic package is the best option for new users. If you are just starting out, the Basic plan provides you with the finest resources to launch your eCommerce store. With this plan, there are no limitations on how much merchandise you can add or how much you can distribute.

Shopify Regular plan (costs $79 per month)

Everything you get with Basic is included in the Shopify basic package, including performance evaluations and endorsements for gift card purchases. The option for recovering abandoned carts is also available to you. As it enables you to use regional URLs and currency converters, this package is the one you’ll need to start any overseas marketing.

Shopify Advanced plan (costs $299 a month) 

Companies who sell in significant quantities both in-person and online and require more advanced solutions may consider the Shopify Advanced package.

This plan is designed for high traffic because it has limitless storage space, up to Fifteen employee profiles, and third-party expected delivery prices. Additionally, customers will have exposure to alternatives for personalized monitoring and e-commerce management.

Pros & Cons Of Shopify 

Every platform has its pros and cons and so does Shopify. Below listed are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Shopify that one should analyze before purchasing the different plans.


  • Simple usage: Shopify’s user-friendliness is one of its strongest points. The objective when deciding to move your business on the internet is to get it up and running as soon as feasible. With Shopify, you can easily modify and begin operating your company online without having to undergo a laborious procedure. This platform offers a drag-and-drop interface that lets you easily personalize your store whatever you like.
  • Accessible service and support: Shopify offers a support staff that is available around the clock to assist you. They offer a helpline, online chat, and email for your convenience. There are four helplines, each of which is assigned to a distinct geographic area.
  • Bright themes: Your chances of keeping more customers are increased when your online store looks appealing and our average success rate rises the more visitors you get. Shopify knows how important themes are and has given you a tonne of options. There are a few specifically designed for certain company types.


  • Fewer opportunities for layout customization: Although Shopify offers a large selection of templates, there are few options for personalization. If you really want to customize the appearance and atmosphere of your business, you will have to contact a designer.
  • No access to mail hosting: There is no email hosting included in Shopify’s packages. You’ll need to hunt for yet another provider if you want to set up electronic contact information for your business. Even if it’s a simple procedure, you still need to include this cost in your overall spending plan.
  • Movement difficulties: Users frequently switch from one provider to another provider. However, a lot of users claim that making such a change would make migration more challenging in a number of ways with Shopify. You can lose some of your collected data while transferring from Shopify. This issue persists with numerous eCommerce platforms, including Shopify.

Top 4 Shopify Alternatives

Here are some of the alternatives and competitors of Shopify. 

1. BigCommerce:


BigCommerce, a top Shopify alternative, enables companies to create an e-commerce store, attract visitors to their websites, and turn those visits into purchases. Get limitless access to products, disk space, connectivity, and employee accounts with the portal.

2. Squarespace:


Users may easily develop gorgeous storefronts with Squarespace, a site developer as well as the hosting platform.

It facilitates access to 24/7 customer care, a customized design for the first term, unlimited connectivity, and Encryption protection, as well as a choice of themes as well as tools to assist users to establish proficient shops in a wide range of industries.

3. Shift4 Shop:

Shift4 Shop

A robust eCommerce platform called Shift4 Shop makes it possible for companies of all kinds to launch and manage their personal online shops on a modest budget.

You only have to pay your usual transaction processing cost with each sale when you use its payment platform as there is no monthly subscription fee.

4. Wix:


You can Develop interactive storefronts with Wix by employing a number of drag-and-drop capabilities.

Each eCommerce subscription includes limitless items, cart restoration from deserted buyers, social marketing, and round-the-clock client assistance.

FAQs On Shopify Discount Promo Code 

Can clients combine several discount codes into one order?

If a customer’s order satisfies the requirements you define, you can set up discounted rates to be reasonably obtainable so they can take advantage of more than one discount.

Do coupons ever exist on Shopify?

On Shopify, you can receive discounts. There are several methods to save finances on this well-known e-commerce platform, whether you choose to subscribe to their annual plan, utilize a coupon code, or benefit from their referral program.

How long is the trial version on Shopify?

The Shopify free trial is only good for 3 days, but you can extend it to ninety days with their special deal, which lets you use all the benefits of the basic package for the initial three months for just $1 a month.

Does Shopify provide a discount for students?

Shopify does not provide a special student offer. But students can also take advantage of the above-mentioned discounted price. Additionally, they can benefit from Shopify’s three-month promotion.

Conclusion: Maximize Your Savings With Shopify Discount Code!

This article must have cleared you by now that Shopify is the best alternative available if you’re intending to establish a store, particularly if you’re unsure of your understanding of the technical intricacies because Shopify is simple to use and manageable for beginners.

Even while Shopify currently offers cost-effective pricing for smaller and larger businesses, you can save a lot of funds on annual and monthly subscriptions with special holiday discounts.

One can get a 97% discount for the first three months and a discount of 50% if an individual chooses the yearly plan. So, Take advantage of these attractive, time-limited deals before they end.

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