Viral Launch Review 2024: ALL You Need To Know About Growing Your E-commerce Business With Viral Launch!

Hey, Bhoni here, and today we’ll talk about the viral Launch Review. 

Many entrepreneurs choose to offer their goods on Amazon, a global marketplace network but setting up sales targets is simple, really achieving them is more difficult.

To solve this problem, solutions like Viral Launch best meet your demand and align with your sales objectives in the competitive online market. 

In this article, we are going to give you a detailed review of this software so that you can make a better and more informed choice while buying the plans and packages it offers. 

What Is Viral Launch? 

A leading software as well as a service platform, Viral Launch, aids in product sourcing, product launch, & market dominance on

Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch is a boon for Amazon vendors since it helps you find the most promising product ideas together with accurate sales predictions, insights, and trends.

Automatically identifying the most important keywords for your product is another useful feature. 

Viral Launch aids you in refining your keyword strategy by pinpointing and tracking your success.

With this, they launch coupons to buy exciting and efficient packages for the customers on every occasion and over 1 million consumers have trusted their precise products to streamline a frequently complex way.

Unique Facts About Viral Launch:

Did you know that Viral Launch’s founder, Casey Gauss, started the company in his college dorm room? Yes, that’s right! This young entrepreneur had the vision to help Amazon sellers succeed, and he took his idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar business.

Viral Launch has helped thousands of Amazon sellers to achieve success, and some of their users have even become millionaires thanks to the insights and tools provided by the company. In fact, there’s a running joke that if you see someone driving a Lamborghini, they’re probably a Viral Launch user!

The team at Viral Launch is a diverse grop of individuals who are passionete about helping others to achieve their goals. They come from all walks of life, from former Amazon sellers to data scientists to marketing experts, and they bring their unique skills and perspectives to the table to create a dynamic and innovative workplace.

Viral Launch is committed to giving back to the community, and the company regularly partners with charities and non-profit organizations to support causes that are important to them. In fact, they have a dedicated “Viral Launch Cares” program that provides resources and support to these organizations.

One of the most unique aspects of Viral Launch is its focus on innovation and experimentation. The company is always testing new ideas and strategies to help its users stay ahead of the curve, and they’re not afraid to take risks and try new things. This spirit of innovation is what sets Viral Launch apart from other companies in the industry.

Viral Launch Review: Key Features 

With the affordable and user-friendly Viral Launch offers and plans, one can avail of the following features: 

1. Product Discovery:

Viral Launch Product Discovery

With the help of the Viral Launch’s Product Discovery tool, it is simple to monitor the development of a collection of products so that decisions can be made in light of real-time performance data.

The tool can also be used to develop a future Amazon selling plan. The tracker makes it simple to arrange products, and it allows users to track important statistics like price changes, review counts, etc. 

2. Listing Creator:

viral launch Listing Creator

With the aid of this software, you can create keyword lists that contain the most significant and influential phrases for the products that you intend to promote.

3. Keyword analysis:

This tool aids in eliminating all uncertainty in your SEO. Use their relevance and other filters to your advantage. There are many keywords available that your rivals are not using. Additionally, a free classified builder is included.

4. Finder:

This is an extremely valuable tool for anyone looking to get started in eCommerce, or for established businesses looking to expand their product offerings.

With Viral Launch’s Opportunity Finder, one can be confident that one is targeting a profitable niche with one’s next product launch.

5. Keywords Research:

Viral Launch Keywords Research

Of course, using a program to find keywords is not sufficient. Additionally, you must comprehend keyword analytics and keep track of the facts. This is the main purpose of the keyword analyzer.

6. Marketing Research:

You can use this tool for product research to learn about historical trends and the direction the market is headed. You can look at the information and examine the price and revenue patterns. You can use it to calculate both the prospective profit and the necessary upfront investment.

Viral Launch Review: Pricing Plans 

The different charging tiers offered by Viral Launch are as follows:

Viral Launch price
  • Essential Plan: This plan costs $69 per month. The package is perfect for Amazon sellers who want to start their own businesses. It offers features including a keyword manager, tracker for keywords, and product finder. Although some services are constrained, the plan is excellent for beginners.
  • Pro Plan: It costs $99 each month.  One of the most well-liked plans, it comes with everything you need to succeed as a top Amazon seller. For merchants trying to grow their businesses, this would be perfect. Everything you require to manage your list, find new products, and keep track of revenue is included in this plan.
  • Pro Plus Ads: This plan costs $199 per month. The ads services are included in the Pro Plus ads plans. The strategy is crucial for maximizing sales, managing your Amazon advertising campaign, and increasing your revenue.

How can you choose the best Viral Launch package for me?

Choosing a particular package more often depends on the particular phase your organization is in because only then can you identify your needs and choose a strategy in line with them. 

If you will still have trouble deciding, you could also get in touch with Viral Launch’s customer care team, who will assist you in making your decision.

Free Trial For Viral Launch

Amazon merchants can use Viral Launch’s free trial to see whether the tool improves their FBA business or not.

A 14-day free trial is given to you automatically when you sign up for and purchase any subscription. In order to receive a complete refund, sellers must cancel the membership within 14 days.

Does Viral Launch offer discounts? 

Viral Launch provides two more months for free on its yearly plan. Here are some instructions on how to use the promo code.

Step# 1: Go to the pricing area of the Viral Launch’s official website.

Step #2: Go to the price plan and switch the symbol to the yearly plan. Choose the plans that best suit your needs.

Step #3: Click “Buy” after selecting the desired plan. You will now be taken to the checkout page. 

Viral Launch Review: Pros & Cons 

Below mentioned are a few advantages of using Viral launch.

  • You can utilize the tools individually and select the functionality you require.
  • The results of market research are presented in a straightforward style.
  • Outstanding client assistance and attention.
  • The program is user-friendly and straightforward.
  • For merchants with various degrees of expertise, Viral Launch provides a variety of solutions.

The main disadvantages of utilizing Viral Launch are:  

  • Viral Launch offers a tonne of information that could be overwhelming for new Amazon merchants.
  • The degree of difficulty of a Viral Launch may be too steep for novices.
  • Only US markets are accessible for the keyword research results.

Viral Launch Review: Alternatives

Here are a few alternatives to Viral Launch available in the online market:

1. Helium 10-

Helium 10

Entrepreneurs and enterprises all around the world use Helium 10’s eCommerce toolkit to organize and sell a product, locate keywords, spot trends, improve listings, organize marketing initiatives, and much more on Amazon.

Helium 10 is a trusted software by customers and the coupons it offers every now and then make it an attractive option for enterprises. 

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle-Scout coupon

Jungle Scout will help you with marketing research and line sourcing when you start your own Amazon business.

You can find things more rapidly, sell them more quickly, and obtain information much more accurately by using Jungle Scout.

3. DataHawk


It is a platform for eCommerce businesses and advisors that tracks keyword ranks, keeps track of the quality of products as well as sales projections, conducts product research, and conducts market analysis.

4. Perpetua


Perpetua develops digital marketing accelerators for eCommerce. With automation enabled by AI, we assist the top brands in the world in improving Amazon’s ad success.

We have successfully grown numerous Amazon goods from zero to well over a million dollars, and we are expanding swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions on Viral Launch 

Can my plan be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled?

Yes! You can immediately modify your plan by going to the settings window in your Viral Launch site, or you can ask for help by emailing

Will my subscription renew on its own?

Yes. To stop your subscription, you can cancel it in your account settings before the subsequent renewal term.

What if the promotional code is invalid?

Ensure that you are entering the correct discount code. Enter the code once more and reload the page if it still does not work.

Can I try Viral Launch for free?

All new users of Viral Launch are eligible for a 14-day free trial to help them become familiar with the platform’s features and services without having to spend a cent.

Is there a browser/chrome extension for Viral Launch?

Yes, all of Viral Launch’s pricing options include a Browser extension that allows you to study market statistics and precise sales projections.

Final Verdict: Is Viral Launch The Right Tool For Your Business?

Overall, Viral Launch appears to be a full set of Amazon-selling devices. It includes essentially everything that a merchant on Amazon might ask for in a competence platform.

Also, it must have been clear to you by now that product discovery is the ultimate standout feature of the software. It is this one aspect where Viral Launch has excelled significantly over the other insights.

So, any ambitious Amazon merchant who desires to get started quickly should consider viral launch for expanding his or her FBA Business. 

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